tiny little deer
this is my neo blog !!!!

i tag my art as #deer art and my text as #deer text!! uwu

my main account over on neo is radiokarma



before the downtime tho i got a 3L desert draik offer on one of my pets i think i’m gonna take it :^) :^) :^) and bd train :^) and eventually trade for a uc baby kougra or darigan moehog :^)))))))))))))

Posted on Sep 17th (2:25pm), 13 hours ago

neopets is dead

Posted on Sep 17th (2:17pm), 13 hours ago

i just realized that different ppl gave me all of those aishas

thank u all for contributing to the lesbian cause

Posted on Sep 17th (10:01am), 17 hours ago

listen, do not tell neopets but: my plushie aisha and chocolate aisha and alien aisha are all lesbians living on a beach and they love each other. thanks. god bless

Posted on Sep 17th (9:58am), 17 hours ago

having the space faerie avatar makes me feel like i need to act like a nice mom i love it

Posted on Sep 16th (4:31pm), 1 day ago
as long as your pages are hella, the person adopting out will be like “dam” and adopt out to u yes, glLGL!!!!! prays for uc bby kou g to go ufa for u

ahhh i dont have any petpages tho really :^( i mean almost all of them have at least SOMETHING on their lookups, whether its a sketch or w/e, but most of my pets i just want to be like… normal guys n gals. idk how to write a story about them or anything since they’re just a lil furry person living a peaceful existence.

a lot of my pets i didnt have any ideas for, i just really liked having them so i got a friend to hold onto them for me since they had like one pet of their own and never get on lmao

i guess i should really just train Rinev up to about 700HSD and trade!! u_u i don’t really wanna tho lmao

yeah same.. i thought of idly doing a “project” page for an uc faerie ixi in advance if one with an okay name goes up for adoption but apparently people hate those?? but then some PCers are annoying and hate everything lol

i dont think project pages are annoying!! i think it’s a really good idea?? i know i got to the point of desperation before i got a lucky break on trading for my lil ixi and was constantly on those “post ur dream pet boards” with “I REALLY WANT A UC IXI. LITERALLY ANY OF THEM” lmaooo

but yeah i actually remember reading a board on the pc a few months ago where ppl were talking about project pages and what annoyed them vs what was good about them, and most ppl seemed to agree that they were only annoying if a person CONSTANTLY drew attention to it and it was basically a thinly veiled begging page complete w/ sob stories etc

i think as long as u keep it nice n honest there’s nothing wrong with it!!

Posted on Sep 15th (9:20pm), 2 days ago

or i dunno, i originally applied for stripes, but i think that design’s color scheme lends itself a little better to a uc baby kougra. maybe if one of those ever goes ufa i’ll reapply. :^) i don’t wanna do a big petpage app, though… i used to do those when i was in high school and i would spend days & weeks working on em and i never adopted a single pet i applied for and i just dont have the motivation to spend hours on something that’s basically a gamble lol that’s why i applied for stripes!! only a single neomail. very nice.

i just want a chill adoption process. my accounts arent amazing but i don’t think they’re bad, either!! tho i dont have very many trophies or avatars or stamps lmao

Posted on Sep 15th (8:56pm), 2 days ago

i still really want to use this design so i think i’m gonna give it to my faerie kougra since i didn’t get the cute kougra i applied for!! the person who got him also adopted a uc grey ixi that i applied for when i was like 15 (8 years ago!!! DANG!!!) (i didn’t even know they still played)!! i hope to see some cute art of him in the future :^) i’ve never talked to them or seen them on the boards but they look like theyre a pretty nice person ^q^

my idea was originally that my fae kougie & the one i applied for would be friends & both of them were magic students. my fae kougra was good at magic theory but not practice, and the lil guy i applied for was good at practice but was absolutely clueless about just HOW it worked. i was basically just gonna combine their petpages and make a kind of interactive book with it that was illustrated like a children’s book & written very simply like one too. i have always wanted to write & draw a kids book so i thought that it would be fun. i’m a lil sad that i dont get to have both characters now, tho. i think it would have been real cute!!

Posted on Sep 15th (8:50pm), 2 days ago


neo reqs. if you want one, send an ask or hmu!

Posted on Sep 15th (8:39pm), 2 days ago
its going to be the first thing in ur new gallery. u should even have sections … “food” “..other”

i feel like i should have more thinly-veiled butt joke categories

im thinkin of calling the gallery as a whole “you’ll never know until you try”

edit: maybe i should have categories based on how difficult the object would be to put in ur butt: “easy” “medium” “HARD” “a great american challenge”

Posted on Sep 14th (10:42pm), 3 days ago
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