tiny little deer
ahhhhhh hello!!! this is my neo blog i moved i was previously Parodeer!!

i am using that url for my Flight Rising blog so please follow this one instead!!

i tag my art as #deer art and my text as #deer text!! uwu

my main account over on neo is radiokarma


OH i thought i was logged in on my personal blog

well w/e now yall know about my baseball thing

Posted on Apr 17th (11:46am), 8 hours ago

i have a problem. i was reading this thing and i was so uninterested in it but then the main character was doin some internal monologue and was like  “i joined the baseball team” ah yes go on u have my attention what’s next what happened did u…….. play the baseball

Posted on Apr 17th (11:44am), 9 hours ago

i might have just bought 6 white aisha plushies and they might be here at the end of the month just in time for me to graduate

since i’m getting so many of them, i thought i might do a giveaway or something??? what do yall think ?

Posted on Apr 16th (4:08pm), 1 day ago

i keep getting neovian blumaroo gentleman trousers from REs and it’s really starting to crack me up like

this lil traveling clothes merchant must have some insane stock of blumaroo clothes that NO ONE is buying and he’s just desperately trying to unload all these dang PANTS ????????

Posted on Apr 13th (3:45pm), 4 days ago

ppl are bein so nice to me on my bloggie & neo lately what the heck is goin on here !!!

Posted on Apr 13th (2:11pm), 4 days ago

bbbbbbbbb thank yall uwu !!!

when i got that lil pink floral shirt from the dumb lil negg event i……….. knew……. what needed to be done…….

Posted on Apr 13th (12:53am), 4 days ago

vibrates………… my trio of cute aisha boys………… i……. i kind of want…… one more……….. maybe a jelly………

Posted on Apr 13th (12:41am), 4 days ago

ummmmmm i think someone mistyped when they were sending a fortune cookie item because i got one from a random user???

Posted on Apr 13th (12:33am), 4 days ago

i bought $100 worth of nc cards and $6 worth of mac and cheese tonight was a good store run

Posted on Apr 13th (12:04am), 4 days ago

i hecked up i HECKED UP REAL BAD i was supposed to be getting a departmental award this tuesday but i forgot to rsvp to the award ceremony thing and it ended yesterday


Posted on Apr 12th (4:15pm), 5 days ago
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